Choosing a Dog Wormer

A quick search on the internet will identify hundreds of available dog wormers in Australia. So how do you know which dog wormer brands and products are the best dog wormers for your furry family members? Keeping your dogs worm-free is not only obviously important for the health of your pet, but also for the health of your family (you can find our article with detailed information about the types of worms dogs can get and potential zoonoses here). So how do you choose from all the dog wormers online?

Best Dog Wormer for All Worms

Firstly, consider that no matter what age your dog is, they will need to be wormed regularly. Puppies are susceptible to worm infections even before they are born, as some worms can be transmitted via the placenta and mother’s milk. The best wormer for puppies will be one that covers all the major worms of dogs, including roundworms, and safe to use at regular recommended intervals from a young age. Brands such as Cazitel and Ranvet’s All Wormer Dog are safe and effective against all the major intestinal worms for puppies from 2 weeks old. They are the best dog wormer for all worms. Puppies should be dosed by weight and treated fortnightly between 2 and 12 weeks of age. It is generally recommended that puppies are wormed much more frequently than adults because they are particularly susceptible to infestation. Puppies that are not wormed are at risk of suffering from diarrhea, weight loss, anaemia, poor growth, and in severe cases, death.

From three months of age, you can continue using your puppy wormer (just remember to weigh your dog every time- don’t just guess!) and worm your dog monthly between 3 and 6 months. After 6 months of age, your dog can be wormed once every three months. Some pet owners choose to use an all in one dog wormer from three months of age, or anytime after. Depending on the product you choose to buy, this may allow you to treat fleas, worms, and heartworm in one convenient monthly dose, either orally or by topical spot-on. Sentinel Spectrum chews are one such product. Sentinel covers all the major groups of worms, including hydatid tapeworm, and prevents heartworm and fleas (but does not treat adult flea infestations). Advocate is a spot-on application, which is great for protecting your dog from intestinal worms, and treating and controlling flea infestations, as well as preventing heartworm and also ear mites. Nexgard Spectra is a flavoured chew that protects your dog from fleas ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. Nexgard and Advocate do not, however, treat tapeworm. Some people choose to dose their dog with an all wormer tablet or tapewormer tablet once every six months when using these products, as a preventative.

When choosing a dog wormer online, you need to consider your dog’s age, weight and your preference for dosing method and interval. Choose a reputable brand. At Discount Animal Products, we have the best dog wormers for sale, such as Cazitel, Ranvet’s All Wormer, Sentinel Spectrum, Advocate and Nexgard Spectra, and all our 6-month packs of Revolution come with bonus Canex intestinal wormers, for complete protection.