Dog Worming

All animals are susceptible to infection by internal parasites, or worms. Your pet dog is no exception. In fact, there are some worms that can even infect puppies through their mother’s milk, so starting with regime of deworming your dog early in your dog’s life is a good idea. Generally speaking, there are four main … Read more

Horse Wormers

There are some twenty or more different species of internal parasites, or worms, that can potentially infect your horse. Worms can cause a number of problems for your horse. Some obvious signs of worm burden include not putting on weight, reduced appetite, dull coat, lethargy, colic-type signs and an itchy backside. Eventually, if the infection … Read more

Three Top Tips for Deworming Your Horse

Horse deworming and parasite control is an important part of your horse’s health care program. No doubt you will have a plan in mind as to what products you might use and when, but you obviously want it to be effective, so getting the correct dose into your horse is important! Here are some points … Read more

Welcome to the Discount Animal Products blog!

We’re so excited to launch our new website this week. I’m Sarah, a Bachelor-qualified veterinary nurse, with a special interest in equine medicine, and the other members of our team include experts in the animal and pet care industries, some with experience of over 40 years. Not only do we aim to bring you the … Read more